Section 1: My Story
1. My Background as a Researcher
2. What Happened
3. Analysis and Learning Lessons

Section 2: Foundations
4. We Create Our Reality
5. Energetic Profiles
6. Psychological Profiles
7. What Causes Disrespect and Abuse?
8. Determining Your End Game
9. Quantifying Distress

Section 3: Healthy vs Unhealthy
10. The Better Rules
11. Red Flags
12. Healthy Relationship Scripting

Section 4: Pre-Legal Strategies
13. Emotional Enema
14. It's All About You
15. Planning and Visualising Your Ideal Life
16. How to Leave Safely

Section 5: Legal Strategies
17. How to Select a Good Lawyer
18. USA - Domestic Violence Resources and Legal Guide
19. Canada - Domestic Violence Resources and Legal Guide
20. UK - Domestic Violence Resources and Legal Guide
21. EU - Domestic Violence Resources and Legal Guide
22. Australia and New Zealand - Domestic Violence Resources and Legal Guide
23. India - Domestic Violence Resources and Legal Guide

Section 6: Post-Legal Strategies
24. 360 Degree Glow Up
25. Bucket List Planning
26. Manifesting Mr/Dr Right
27. Evaluation Surveys
28. Compatibility Matrixing

Section 7: Further Study
A. Legal
B. Personal Finance
C. Abusive and Character-Disordered People
D. Family and Attachment Theory
E. Spirituality and Mindfulness 
F. Relationships 
G. Values Clarification and Life Planning 
H. Personality 
I. Mental Toughness 
J. Body Language
 K. Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD 
L. Communication Skills 
M. E-Courses
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