Sailing the Bosphorous in Istanbul
Playing Solo Jazz Piano at Carnegie Hall
Ice Skating in New York City
Giving a TEDx Talk at Age 23 and then Fire Hula Hooping in Tahiti
Graduating from Adult Space Camp
Indoor Skydiving in London
Hot Air Ballooning in Napa Valley
Parasailing in Charleston
Paragliding in Mexico City
Banana Boating in Myrtle Beach
Ziplining in Columbus
Participating in On-Stage Mariachi in Mexico City
Skinny Dipping in the Indian Ocean
Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro
Exploring the Blue Mountains
Riding an Elephant in Punjab
Petting a Llama
Kayaking the Atlantic and the Pacific
White Water Rafting
Swimming with Dolphins
Snorkeling with Jellyfish
Dancing with Penguins
Attempting to Hunt the Big Cat
White Water Rafting in Charlotte
Road Tripping 20 States in the U.S.
Trekking Machu Picchu
Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail
Praying in Himalayan Shrines
Living in a Catholic Convent for a Year
Surfing in Waikiki
Skiing in Park City
Riding a Gondola in Venice
Tap Dancing in Monte Carlo
Running a Marathon (and not coming in last)
Getting Artwork Admitted into a Museum Permanent Collection
Growing a Willow Tree 
Riding in a Rickshaw in an Indian Village (and neither dying nor getting run over by a cow)
Competing at the international level in Jack and Jill Lindy Hop Dancing 
Becoming a Fourth Degree Karate Black Belt
Learning Origami and Sushi Making in Tokyo
Making Gourmet Kimchi in Seoul
Graduating as Valedictorian from the World's Best Cooking School in Paris
Painting a Mural
Recording a Jazz Piano CD
Receiving a Life-Changing Opportunity
Curing a Rare Disease at Age 24 and Solidifying Manufacturing at Age 27
Making My First Million at Age 19
Meeting the IPO Directors at Euronext
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