Misha Kaura is an emerging couturier and commercial designer with a science background.  She spent eight years in various medical research laboratories including the National Institutes of Health, the Westmead Institute for Medical Research, and the Cincinnati Children's Hospital honing her analytical skills in pharmaceutical chemistry and dermatogenetics.  Ultimately, she chose to pursue her vision for a rare/orphan invention that required hiring various contract scientists.  Now, the patent-pending treatment is being manufactured by Pfizer with a post-Phase 3 acquisition offer in place from Novartis.  After achieving her five-year objective in the pharmaceutical arena, Misha then decided to shift gears and focus on fashion with the same research-driven energy.  She is proud to regularly dress socialites, professionals, political wives, female politicians, and members of royal families; indeed, her four biggest clients are members of Middle Eastern royal families and Misha has developed links to women in several African and Asian royal families.  Dressing women and girls on the most special occasions of their lives is her greatest passion.  Misha presents her couture collections each season at Paris Fashion Week and her prêt à porter shows off-calendar and digitally at exotic locations worldwide.  Following in the footsteps of her Artistic Director mentors from the London and Paris fashion communities, Misha is pleased to implement a more commercial approach that implements their guidance and expertise.
Misha's academic research work endeavours to systematise participatory fashion research and to organise fashion systems of thought via quantifying fashion research methods and conducting fashion-science projects that are submitted to peer-reviewed academic publications.  Misha views her real-world couture practice as a 'living laboratory' where she can test drive her fashion research ideas on her clients in an interactive and collaborative manner, allowing them to unleash maximum attractiveness efficiently and effectively.  Her style can best be described as 'scientific fashion for quaintrelles,' with maximalist embroidered seasonal collections and minimalist permanent prêt engineered to make real world women look fabulous.  When not researching or designing ultra-luxurious pieces for private clients, Misha runs an award-winning fashion atelier and factory outside of Paris.  Her awards include Forbes 30 Under 30, Vogue Talent, Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts, World Economic Forum Global Shaper, Paris Fashion Week One to Watch, Fashion Design Platinum Award, Hive Global Fellow, StartingBloc Fellow, Debutante of the Year, and membership in a number of elite fashion groups and fashion sustainability councils.  She gave her first TEDx talk in 2016, at age 23, on the importance of teledermatology to close the dermatologic and dermatogenetic care access gap, and is pleased to deliver another TEDx talk on the future of evidence-based fashion design.  
Educated in multiple subjects, Misha combines her skills, training, and savoir faire in novel ways with highly innovative output free from linear subject boundaries: research, fusion jazz piano, art, documentary film, and fashion.  She was raised in a highly creative environment with her experiential education led by her physician-inventor father and her doting, glamorous late grandmother.  Her father taught her several languages, medical research methods, anatomy, drawing, medical illustration, sculpture, and painting, guiding Misha to develop a unique voice, a direct representational style, and an eye for detail.  Her paternal grandmother taught her traditional tambour beadwork and goldwork embroidery--the same embroideries she perfected during her youth as an advocate for Indian Independence from the British and the creation of the Indian National Congress.  The INC values of emphasising character over caste have shaped Misha's approach to egalitarian design that levels the aesthetic playing field.  She strives to keep the grand tradition of Indian embroidery alive in every area of her work.  Misha is deeply inspired by spending her formative years in her 20s in India, where she learned about her heritage, her grandmother's legacy as an advocate and a socialite, perfected her embroidery vision, and explored the Himalayas.  Though born and brought up in the West, Misha is Indian and that is evident in her designs and her upcoming joint advocacy project with MP Rahul Gandhi.
Misha divides her time between her residences in Paris, London, Manhattan, and Palm Beach.
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