Misha Kaura is an award-winning couturière, author, health science researcher, and social entrepreneur.  Inspired by the idea of merging spirituality and materiality, Misha imbues her values, family traditions, research, and story into her work.  She grew up in a large epicurean family surrounded by spice, flavor, silk, opera, jazz music, the arts, and a multi-generational legacy of Indian political activism, and her background informs everything.  Misha is a Forbes 30 Under 30, a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts, a member of several business clubs, a Miss Utah 2021, a Miss Utah 2016, a World Economic Forum Global Shaper since 2016, a TEDx speaker who gave her first speech at age 23 in 2016 and more TEDx talks in 2021, a Fashion Week One to Watch, the Debutante of the Year in 2012, Kathak Kanya Sama in 2017, Bharatnatyam Arangetram in 2010, etc.  
Educated in the US and the UK, Misha is also an active volunteer in a number of organisations ranging from the opera to serving as a volunteer chef at the Ronald McDonald House, and the Chair of the Board of a health human rights-related nonprofit.  She graduated at the top of her class from graduate school in the health sciences, design school, and cooking school, and performed well in law school with her final thesis on the legal bioethics of enzyme replacement therapy earning the Arnold Prize.  As well, Misha authored 8 children's books as a teenager and young adult and has since moved on to author other books and to create other media projects due to release in 2021 after years and years of defamation-related delays.
Narrowing down her focus areas, the intellectual property in her first education technology startup is being acquired in full by a Chinese company for their unrestricted commercial use.  As well, the intellectual property from her cutting-edge health science research is spinning off into a separate pharmaceutical subsidiary.  Finally, Misha has won several legal cases out of court and most recently won a default on a defamation case.  Her parents have graciously agreed to support all further defamation cases by retaining a number of law firms, freeing Misha to get away from litigation mode and back into her normally happy, carefree, ultra-creative state.  Of note, Misha has recently resumed painting after some time away and she's eager to distribute her latest, greatest work in giclée format at dozens of retailers starting soon.  Misha has chosen to limit her landscape and architectural paintings to her personal hobby and focus her commercial work on fashion-related abstract paintings suitable for home decor and a select number of direct representational portrait commissions.  She has recently been spotted as a talent by a top 3 London art gallerist, who will be marketing and selling all of her original paintings on an indefinite, fully exclusive contract basis from her first debut art show scheduled for October 2021.  At the show, Misha will also present some of her new couture ballgowns with embroideries inspired by her own paintings and her love of molecular and cellular biology.  With gallery support, Misha participates in Art Basel from 2022

GRE: 160/160 Verbal, 160/160 Quantitative, 6/6 Writing (99th Percentile)
LSAT: 178/180 (99th Percentile)
BCAT: Outstanding (99th Percentile)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD)
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Science (MSc)
Master of Laws (LLM)

Graduate Gemologist (GG) 
Graduate Pearls (GP)
Bench Jeweller: Silver and Gold

Political Philosophy
Fashion Design

Professional Cooking Diploma (Dip) valedictorian
Professional Vegetarian Cooking Diploma (Dip) valedictorian
Professional Pastry Diploma (Dip) valedictorian
Certificate in Kosher Cuisine and Kitchen Management (Cert)
Certificate in Indian Cuisine (Cert)
Certificate in Professional Sushi and Hibachi (Cert)
Certificate in Kimchi (Cert)
Certificate in Pickling (Cert)
Certificate in Seafood (Cert)
Certificate in Paella (Cert)
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