Misha Kaura is an emerging couturier and commercial designer based out of London (Mayfair), Manhattan (Upper East Side), and Palm Beach (Singer Island), wrapping up all in-person work in 2020 to enjoy 20 months of digital nomad adventures in South America, Oceania, Africa, and Asia.  Completing all designs for seasons 9 to 12 in bulk enables Misha to focus on other projects during her travels, honeymoon, etc.  Drawing on the analytical genetics and pharmaceutical chemistry frameworks she honed in her eight years of experience in top medical research laboratories that ultimately led to a rare/orphan invention now being manufactured by Pfizer, Misha has worked tirelessly since January 2017 to apply her training to fashion.  
Her academic research work endeavours to systematise participatory fashion research and to organise fashion systems of thought via quantifying fashion research methods and conducting fashion-science projects that are submitted to peer-reviewed academic publications.  Misha views her real-world couture practice as a 'living laboratory' where she can test drive her fashion research ideas on her clients in an interactive and collaborative manner, allowing them to unleash maximum attractiveness efficiently and effectively.  Her style can best be described as 'scientific fashion for quaintrelles,' with maximalist embroidered seasonal collections and minimalist permanent prêt engineered to make real world women look fabulous.  When not researching or designing ultra-luxurious pieces for private clients, Misha runs an award-winning fashion atelier and factory outside of Paris.  Her awards include Forbes 30 Under 30, Vogue Talent, Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts, World Economic Forum Global Shaper, Paris Fashion Week One to Watch, Fashion Design Platinum Award, Hive Global Fellow, StartingBloc Fellow, Debutante of the Year, and membership in a number of elite fashion groups and fashion sustainability councils.  She gave her first TEDx talk in 2016, at age 23, on the importance of teledermatology to close the dermatologic and dermatogenetic care access gap, and is pleased to deliver another TEDx talk on the future of evidence-based fashion design.  
Educated exclusively in the United States and England, Misha is trained in political philosophy, microbiology, fashion design, accessory design, embroidery design, goldsmithing, jewellery design, gemmology, law, and business management.  A huge foodie, Misha also earned a series of four professional cooking, pastry, and sushi diplomas from age 21 to the present, alongside recreational cookery certificates taught by leading instructors around the world.  Misha combines her skills, training, and savoir faire in novel ways with highly innovative output free from linear subject boundaries.
A pragmatic idealist, Misha enjoys foreign travel, fine dining, films, opera, painting, bucket list adventuring, cycling, road trips, hot air ballooning, indoor skydiving, spa days, etc.  A fourth-degree black belt karate champion selected to compete in the World Karate Championships in the lightweight division and an undefeated mooter and debater joining a top defamation set after graudation, Misha does not take BS from anyone.

“That’s really what grief has taught me. That I can survive. I used to be afraid that if I experienced grief it would overcome me and I wouldn’t be able to survive the flood of it, that if I actually felt it I wouldn’t be able to get back up. It’s taught me that I can feel it and it won’t swallow me whole. But we come from a culture where we think people have to be strong. I’m a big believer in being vulnerable, open to grief. That is strength. You can’t know joy unless you know profound sadness. They don’t exist without each other.” -- Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
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