Misha Kaura is a Palm Beach-based emerging social entrepreneur.  Her many awards include Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts, Forbes 30 Under 30, World Economic Forum Global Shaper, One to Watch, Fashion Design Platinum Award, Hive Global Fellow, StartingBloc Fellow, Debutante of the Year, Miss Utah, and membership in a number of elite business groups and sustainability councils.  She gave her first TEDx talk in 2016, at age 23, on the importance of teledermatology to close the dermatologic and dermatogenetic care access gap, and later founded her own free teledermatology clinic from 2017 via her nonprofit staffed by volunteer dermatologists and medical geneticists.  Misha has been volunteering in the rare disease space in her nonprofit since 2010 and in the Junior League since 2013.
Educated in the United Kingdom and the United States, Misha combines her skills, training, and savoir faire in novel ways with highly innovative output free from linear subject boundaries.  In addition to design, chemistry, and business, all with distinction, Misha graduated from cooking school as valedictorian and from law school with honours.  She's excited to embark on the next chapter of her life.
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