Misha Kaura

Beauty, virtue, and brains, Misha Kaura is an award-winning couturier and entrepreneur educated in numerous design disciplines as well as in pharmaceutical chemistry, microbiology, and clinical health research.  Her innovative, groundbreaking work in both supplement-focused medical microbiology and pharmaceutical manufacturing from ages 12 to 25 led to a well-deserved, life-changing, fully executed M&A offer at age 28, in 2021.  The discipline she gained from years of working in science labs including the world-class Hospital for Sick Children, Cincinnati Children's Hospital, and the National Institutes of Health and building out an aggressive university-based pharmaceutical manufacturing infrastructure at a young age informs her approach to her life's work in fashion: a game-changing approach to both on-demand, just-in-time fashion manufacturing and the intellectual 'meat' behind the idea of fashion as a scientific discipline.  Misha has received provisional UK/EU patent status for her latest slew of medical device inventions for both fashion aesthetics and body aesthetics and she is thrilled to have achieved her big childhood dream of entering academia via starting a new position as a Professor of Fashion Design this Fall 2021!  Misha enjoys karate, opera, theatre, and volunteering at the nonprofit she founded as a college freshman.  She has recently returned to New York City after several years away in London and Paris.  

A new website will be rolled out in the near future.  Kindly send queries to agent James and PR representatives Blair, Christina, and Pamela.