Misha Kaura: Couturière and Researcher

All expertly researched and beautifully illustrated fashion styling books in "The Science of" series are scheduled to release in hardcover and e-book format in November 2021. Pricing is set for £9.99 for each e-book, £29.97 for each hardcover, and a special of £257 for the hardcover box set. Perfect for coffee table adornment and gift giving over Diwali, Christmas, and Hannukah, these books are the culmination of three years of research and represent Misha's finest work. Starting in January 2022, Misha Kaura starts a position as a Professor of Fashion at a top 3 art and design school where she will teach fashion research methods classes online and design for her label between the EU, the UK, and the US. She eagerly anticipates building a permanent lifestyle of global travel.